Take full benefit of the perfect combination of peaceful vacations and regeneration.

Relax and enjoy the perfect blend of tranquility and holiday experience.

With a short walk to the beach or to the city center of Le Bois-Plage-en-Ré there are many ways to enjoy your day.

The beach is located between two public beach sections; it is behind the dune at the end of the street.

It is quite because it is only accessible on foot for residents.

A small supermarket precedes the covered market, which in turn offers a profusion of fresh fish, fresh fruits and vegetables

and other regional products.

In season, the streets are filled with market stalls.

It is here that artists, craftsmen and shopkeepers offer you their wares. 

In the small stores, you will find homemade soaps, jams and condiments, and clothing, furnishings

and beautiful souvenirs to remind you of your vacations. 

Small cafe-bars invite you to have a second small meal in a typically French atmosphere.

And if you're more interested in cycling, try your hand at the island's well-equipped cycling facilities and collect countless impressions of the different "shades" of white of the houses. 

Discover the pine forests, vineyards and farmland, the salt marshes that stretch like vast carpets in a flat meadow

and a different beach on each coast. 

Each place on the island has its own charm. Discover roads lined with hollyhocks.

Visit the small workshop-boutiques hidden in the courtyards, or restaurants and ice-cream parlors with sea view.

Admire the yachts and boats in the harbors or visit the whale lighthouse on the northwestern tip of the island.

There is so much to admire, discover and enjoy. 

Welcome to the island.