Le consultant pour une vie saine

My name is Stéphane Puteaux, I was born in 1966 in Chelles (Paris region).


In 2008, I transmitted my professional passion to Germany.

(computer modelling of interfaces in vehicle design)


When I started taking care of nutrition in 2012, because of my wife's food intolerances,

I also started taking care of my own health. Because it wasn't good for her.

I was overweight, I had high blood pressure, I had to have heart valve surgery in 2010 and I had been taking medication for many years; for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which triggered heartburn and psoriasis, for which I swallowed other medication. I was caught in a downward spiral.

The genetic predisposition to polycystic kidney disease (not to be confused with kidney cysts) had led me to believe that the disease was an unchangeable destiny. But this is not the case.


Then I began to wonder what I had been prescribed without any resistance on my part and had been made to swallow until then without thinking.

I wondered if I wanted to be treated like that for the rest of my life, or if I had the courage to do so, to finally take responsibility for my body.


My wife and I have embarked on an exciting journey that has already taken us a long way in terms of health.


This journey has initially led to a change in eating, living and thinking habits,

to a Reiki training 2015-17 (Reiki-Level III/ Master according to Usui),

a training in Radiesthesia 2018 ( French Federation of Geobiology),

and training in naturopathy (France).


My goal is to share my knowledge and my own experiences with as many people as possible.


And to help where I can help.