Health is the most important thing - and like everything else that is precious to us, we need to pay special attention to health. 

In today's world, staying healthy can be quite confusing due to a lot of misinformation, especially for those who get most of their information from so-called "mainstream news". 

It is precisely for this reason that I offer you the information you need,

to change your life in a sustainable way.  

I have designed for you the "Holidays of Regeneration", 

a program that enables the health-conscious person to make the transition to a healthier lifestyle


Why might this offer be of interest to you?


- You want to change your life, but you can't do it alone?

- You lack the necessary information and need help?

- You can't find a place in your daily life to deal with it? 

- You are too stressed and find change too complicated?


Take the time to learn in my vacation seminar, which is customized for you :


- how to eat healthier with raw food 

- how to detoxify your body 

- how to prepare quick and tasty meals from healthy vegetables and fruit that can also be used in your daily life



Living food is the simplest way to maintain good health. If we combine it with exercise and a positive attitude towards life, it gives us performance, vitality and balance into old age.


And this is what your regeneration week could look like:


- Arrival at your studio by the sea with a small garden.

- Welcome with information about your vacation

- Welcome Smoothie 

- Then, the time to dispose freely 

- And if the journey was not too long and arduous,

       an introductory lesson, as part of your personalized week.

- Each day contains 1 to 2 theoretical and practical instructions for

       nutrition and for detoxification.

- Joint purchase of foodstuffs in the organic food store or at nearby markets according to

      of the needs 


For mental support, Reiki sessions can also be booked at will.


You will have enough time to walk on the beach, ride a bike, do sports or just pass the time.


You will return home with a complete basic knowledge of nutrition and detoxification of raw food,

that you can easily apply in your daily life at home.


You'll learn how much fun health can be.